It’s the time of year when California skies are often smoky, and fires are on the news and sometimes, nearby. Protecting your property during wildfire season is a concern for everyone.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Before you’re in an emergency situation, review your insurance policy with your agent for any possible updates.
  • Trim back your trees and shrubs. Keep at least six to eight feet of open space between trees and your house. Keep shrubs and bushes thirty feet from your house. This is called defensible space.
  • Water your landscaping regularly to prevent dry-out.
  • Regularly clear any debris from your property.
  • Stack firewood away from your structure.
  • Utilize drought-tolerant landscaping: rockscapes and succulent plants

Protecting your family is more important. Make sure you have an escape plan in case you need to evacuate quickly. If you can smell smoke, put together a “go-bag” for each member of your family filled with emergency supplies like a change of clothes, extra socks, bottled water, lip balm, cell phone charger, and snacks.

Don’t forget important papers, medicines, and anything you need for your fur-family as well.

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