Roaches are resilient. There are over four thousand species, but most homes experience the German, American, or brown-band variety.

How do you know if you have a roach problem? Well, if you’re seeing them during daylight hours, you most likely have a problem. Cockroaches are typically night-time bugs, and don’t care for the daylight. So if you see one, chances are there’s quite a few more hiding in your walls or underground.

If you think your home or property has a cockroach infestation, it’s important to have a professional evaluate and handle the roaches for several reasons:

  • A professional pest control service knows which pesticide to use based on your household (pets, young children, etc.)
  • Many home-based remedies aren’t as effective as a thorough, professional pest control service
  • A professional pest control service can monitor the progress, and enhance the treatments as necessary
  • A professional pest control service has access to products and techniques, making them more efficient, both financially and physically, in dealing with the cockroaches and other bugs

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